Saturday, 5 September 2009

Catch 42

So recently I entered myself into the Belfast heat of the 42Below Vodka world cup. I didn't expect to win  although I thought alot of cash would help! I was sitting there in anticipation third was called out, then 2nd and then finally Ben Carlotto said "The winner is the big guy in the corner". Well for the people who don't know me im not very tall, my bum nearly touches the ground and I am heavy-set. I wish he had of just called out my name, anyways I digress this poem is about my winning drink the Catch 42. I was playing on the dilema set in the book Catch 22 written by Joseph Heller. It is a dilema that I face alot!

42Below you make me blue, Aotearoa im lost without you
Each passing day makes me sad, life with you wasn't all that bad
Minutes and days pass, colliding and crashing into months and years
I fear that, I can never return as me, they want that person I'll never ever be

It's all the things I want, yet none of the things I need,
It's a no win situation,a catch 22,
42Below you make me feel blue,
The longing for a home,a place to rest my weary head.
To feel my feet on Plimmerton beach,
To teach my children how to surf,
To run wild and free and play amongst the trees

No more two up, two down,cramped living spaces aren't for me,
No more noisy neighbours, gangs of bhoys standing,
menacing on street corners
No more craic, burnt out cars and joyriders

42Below you make me feel blue,
You have made me look deep into a place
I put out of reach, my home, my house, my beach my needs,
That burning flame that was almost dead has
Rekindled itself inside my head,
Here I come, a kiwi bhoy bound for home!

Catch 42;
Shake over ice: 50mls 42Below Vodka
                        50mls Homemade Tomato puree
                        25mls Passion fruit puree
                        15mls Fresh lemon juice
                        10mls Sugar syrup
Double strain into a cocktail glass with a salt rim. Garnish with a lemon twist and a spiked tomato
(To make homeade tomato puree, take five or six plum tomato's. Grate with a fine grater, then strain through a fine mesh strainer)

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