Sunday, 20 September 2009


Ok I took "Oh snap" down due to a good friends concern, "Thankyou for being a friend". This was a poem we as barkeepers/bartenders, customers and humans can relate to. Everyone at one time or another walks into to a bar alone and in need of interaction. My job as a bartender is to look after those needs. Everyone has this customer in there bar from time to time, I know they are a pain in the arse but aren't we all.

He is harmless
He sits at the bar
Questioning at first
What’s this, what’s that?

Learning but never
Really understanding

He is harmless,
He’s killing time
It’s another lonely day

I offer him my smile
My company for awhile

He's harmless
Just lost in his drink
Confused and befuddled

I listen and talk
Second guessing his needs

He's harmless
I try to push his pessimism aside,
Replacing it with a laugh and a smile

I won’t be able to find the right
Prescription to lessen his burden
This time

He's harmless
I say my goodbyes and I know it won't
Be long, till he is back…

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