Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Bar equipment

Hi guys, lately there has been a lot people searching for old and new bar equipment. From hand juicers to julep strainers. As bartenders I think we are always searching for that new bit of shiny kit so here's my take on it.

We collect ornaments
And forgotten mementos
Like magpies and crow's
Searching, hunting, tracking

They line my bar, some up some down
For quick and speedy use
A bitter bottle made of glass with a silver top
One dash and a splash
Modifying a drink

A spoon for stirring
Measuring and pleasuring
The eyes and a flick of the wrist
I stir, always circular
Always smooth

A jigger for the control of moving liquid
Fluid and streaming
Different shapes different sizes
More precise than my eyes

A juicer for squeezing
Fresh fruit, lemons and limes
A constant rhythm
Press and discard
The spent empty shell

A muddler for pounding
And crushing soft summer fruits
Sugar too

A shaker for that dance I do
One, two, one, two hard and fast
Mixing ingredients that don't always get along
It can be heard over the gentle
Buzz of customers conversations
The center piece of my bartenders show

A strainer, julep or hawthorne
For holding back the unwanted and unneeded
Letting the concoction that I have mixed
Flow freely and neatly into the open mouth of the glass

A glass, a vessel
The voyage of me too you
Clean and always cold
A canvas on which I paint
My love my joy
I hope it conveys the little things
that I appreciate

“This is an original poem by Hayden Lambert and cannot be reproduced without his permission”

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