Monday, 5 January 2009

Old Fashioned

Hi everyone, another post wow. I don't have to many! Ok so Im somtimes an Old Fashioned guy, in an extremely modern world. I just love old fashioneds so here is just a few short lines. I hope you enjoy!!!

You can sip it nice and slow
Take your time, make it's acquaintance
“Good things come to those who wait”

It's like all good things, it mellows
With age, its tired name called
Far to often in days gone by.

Its a restless spirit, passed down
Through ages, handed from men to men
A right of passage for some
For others just a recipe

Timeless, appealing...shy
Seasoned and matured

By many names it has been called
By friends and foes
The survivor of a bygone era
Of candles and horse drawn wagons
Gentlemen and Ladies, Tom and Jerrie's

Constant,hardened well versed
Solid and strong

And yet I here its name often called
By them. The faithful,
Its cantankerous keepers, often by themselves
but never alone

Clink, clink of the ice
As they finish the last drop.
Pushing the cherry to the side
The lingering memories of the
Old and the fashioned...
“This is an original poem by Hayden Lambert andcannot be reprinted without his permission.”

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