Monday, 29 December 2008

The Bartender

Another post on the same day "wow" what a first. This poem is just about watching bartenders and their movement. I hope you enjoy

The Bartender,
There he stands just still and smooth
Quietly confident. He is the man behind it all.
The artist, the entertainer, storyteller, friend
And confidante, match maker and alchemist.

The ingredients,
He counts as he measure's, carefully preparing
Mixing his potions, fifteens and twenty's
A drop of sweet here, a dash of sour there
The perfect balance.

The shake
Short, sharp, strong, a snap of the wrists
A rhythmic beat, until there is no air in his chest

The sound
The crash of cars the echoing of waves,
The approaching train

The feeling
Joy, excitement, fondness and pride
The rush of blood that pounds his freeze dried fingers
Powdered, white, cold.

The movement
Fast, flowing, quick, rehearsed
Natural and timed to perfection.

Glass to bar, pre-chilled of course!

The pour
Fluid, long, sometimes a stretch
Arms raised high, over-shadowing the bar
Graceful and elegant.

The drink
Timeless, cold, cloudy.
Tall or short, classic or new
Wrong or right?
Settled and ready to be imbibed

The customer
My friend, my acquaintance, my patron
Satisfied, disconcerting, merry........
Back again!

"This is an original poem by Hayden Lambert and cannot be reproduced without his permission!"

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