Monday, 29 December 2008

The Blue Blazer

Recently I met with Dave Wondrich and Gary Regan, two great fellows with hearts of gold. OK maybe not hearts of gold, but great guys none the less. Here is a poem I wrote after seeing Dave Wondrich perform his Blue Blazing technique, what a spectacle!

Heat, ignite and pour
The flaming liquid that burns
Blue and bright
Lights the dead of the cool winters night

Streaming back and forward
From finely polished goblets
In a timed and gentle motion

The master behind the bar
Accomplishes it with ease
Caressing and nurturing this fickle flame
Careful not to spill a drop of molten liquid

His customers are his main concern
They gather and crowd
Watch in awe an act that is daring and brave
Not to be performed by the fool hardy

Eyes transfixed on the never ending stream
Of blue blazing booze, the flames lick and spit
Sprinting up and down the fiery Scottish spirit

He smiles as he slowly puts it to rest
The lingering flame that refuse's to die
Smoldering to the very end
Then a puff of smoke

The raging monster has been tamed and calmed
No longer savage, but smooth and elegant
Soft and sweet

Steam rises as the liquid is poured
We raise our glass to your effort and grace
Your commitment, your passion and your
Blue blazing fun!

"This is an original poem by Hayden Lambert and cannot be reproduced without his permission!"

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