Thursday, 29 January 2009

Mint Juleps

Tonight I watched a few Juleps being made and I thought to myself. Wow what a fantastic drink. Soft and sweet, there is something so alluring about a mint julep. Maybe it is the green mint that draws in the eye. Or the shiny julep cup, I know one thing for certain more people should be drinking well made Mint Juleps!

Shiny, silver cup
I'm drawn to your glow

He works it deep, pressing and shaping
Never tearing or discarding
The evergreen mint

Bourbon flows ,Golden and honeyed
And sweet on the nose
Hints of vanilla, charred oak too

Shiny, silver cup
I'm drawn to your glow

The ice melts in protest, trickling and cold
Working its magic, frosting as it goes
Helping to provoke a taste that is pure

Shiny, silver cup
I'm drawn to your glow

A bouquet of mint sprigs
Tender and young, leave a pleasing aroma
On the nose, enhancing the taste
On the tongue

It's not the derby, it's just and ordinary night
But it is a humbling sight, to watch a ritual
Tried and true, to pass it from me too you

Shiny, silver cup
I'm drawn to your glow

"This is a Hayden Lambert original poem and cannot be reproduced without his permission"

Cheers laco for the photo, check out the link below making a mint julep! Yip me making a julep. The camera work is poor due to my stupidty and people claim that I have far too much mint in it! You decide enjoy.
Me making a julep

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