Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Unadulterated Daquirí

Guys as most of you know I have created a group on facebook called "The poetry of bartending", to coincide with my blog. I received a msg from Heather about a poem she wrote about a Daiquiri and not a "Bar school" Daiquiri, nope no boogers here! I thought I would share the poem and if any of you would like to see your poems up here just let me know.
PS Thanks for all your support

The Unadulterated Daquirí

Cold, clean and pure
Provocatively demure
Tall, tan and shameless
Yet not nearly so famous

Sweet, strong and true
Evocative cane-sugar voodoo
Soured, citrused and shaken,
Yet delicately undertaken

The elixir of life, A drink to good health
Staving off scurvy, for endurance and strength
The choice of presidents, pirates and poets
Why anyone adds strawberries
I'll never know it.

Well I published this post and I thought I might as well add my two cents

I squeeze the lime until the last drop is spent
The acid that burns my tender fingers
Serves as friendly reminder

My eyes transfixed on the bottle
White rum, Bacardi will have to do
A long pour, as I set the liquid free

A heaped teaspoon of superfine sugar
Keep the sourness at bay, chunks of ice
One, two, three

Hands cupped around the shaker
Firm and steady, the coldness bites
Nipping my skin, sticking, ice cold

I tremble in anticipation and excitement
The drink that flows forth, opaque
Cold ice white

The crystals that float gently on the surface
Their voyage almost complete, the unexpected
Crunch, the Antarctic bitterness, cooling and refreshing

The sting gives way to a pleasing warmth
A glow, the feeling flows from my head
To my toes, it shows on my face

"This is a Hayden Lambert original poem and cannot be reproduced without his permission"

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