Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Connaught

A month or two ago, I was treated to a couple of great nights at "The Connaught". It was a great experience and I really can't repay the hospitalty that I received! So I thought I would just write a short rhyming poem. It has been hard work and I have lots of failled attempts, so I'm hopeful that this one works out ok.

It’s just a place
Deep in the bowels of Mayfair
You’ll meet Erik and Ago there

One is short, one is tall,
Ago, where English
And the Tricolore meet

Erik is just a tiny bit shy,
There is a quiet confidence
That twinkles in his eye

They will mix and muddle
Cocktails old and new,
They make it feel special
Like it’s a performance just for you

You sip and you savour
Some interesting flavours
Raise your glass because
The Connaught is class

Deep in the heart of Mayfair
Ago and Erik tend bar there!


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