Friday, 20 February 2009

Where is he now?

OK as some of you might know I work at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We have a Connoisseur's Club every few months and this March we are graced with the presence of Jeff Berry! Jeff is a walking encyclopedia of Tiki knowledge, so here is a small poem about Tiki. It wont be the first or the last poem about Tiki. It is just a small acknowledgement to 'Don the Beach' and Trader Vic, the two guys that changed cocktail drinking for ever and brought the South Pacific to the world!

Trader Vic where did you go?
To an island paradise
Where we can't follow,
High above the green pacific seas

Away from the lick of salt,
Away from the soft sea air
Do you and Don the Beach
Hang out there

Your love for Tiki
Transports us to a place
With gentle white sand below our feet,
Where sea and palm tree meet

We dream of luaus and hula girls
It conjure images of swaying hips,
Hollowed out coconuts
That cover their bits ...

We drink to appease the ancient
Ritualistic gods with strong brews
Rum Punch, Mai Tai’s
And Zombies too

Trader Vic where did you go?
To an island paradise
Where one day we will follow,
High above deep blue pacific seas

"This is a Hayden Lambert original poem and cannot be reproduced without his permission"

check out my good friend Jeffs website


Kerry Mitchell said...

Hi Hayds, I really enjoy your poetry, shake it up...Kerry

Hayden Scott Lambert said...

Cheers Kerry and may faux tropical/polynesian drinks live forever in the hearts and minds of all!